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Gabba, which translates to "Ivory-coated Reindeer" in Sami, is a Sami band that seamlessly blends traditional yoik with influences from Norwegian folk music, Americana, and other "world musics." Their music is a reflection of the Sami people's lifestyle, with each song transporting the listener to the vast landscapes of the Arctic region.


The yoik master John André Eira from Mazé, Guovdageaidnu, brings his ancestral legacy and original compositions to Gabba's music, creating a sound that is both haunting and captivating. The unique and innovative interplay in the band is due to the fact that the musicians live together and play in multiple bands (Svarte Svaner, Tæladylju).


Listeners and concert-goers can expect an authentic music experience full of youthful energy.

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Kristiansand & Kautokeino, Norway


Tundra blues


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Svarte Svaner, Tæladylju



Drengestua Records

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Gabba's music is regularly played on national and local radio stations. Although joik can be described as traditional Sámi music, Gabba's sound is so much more. With band members from all over the country, this unique music is the result of drummer Marius Trøan Hansen's primal power, bassist Espen Bakke's intricate basslines, Christoffer Mietle Furuheim's fierce-yet-beautiful guitar riffs, Idar Eliassen Pedersen's beautiful and heartfelt trumpet, producer Ola Brandsnes Vårtun's folk music background, and virtuoso John André Eira's upbringing in Sápmi.

In addition to the core members, Gabba often collaborates with guest artists in their "extended family". Bjørn Kåre Odde (Norwegian folk musician of the year in 2019), singer Emilie Bjørnstad, "Chiptune" pioneer Vegard Kummen (Kubbi), and producer Ola Hagelia contribute their unique sound to several of the songs.

The band has been productive during the pandemic, with licensing and composing music for media, as well as sporadic concerts. Some of the notable side projects from last year include a collaboration on the HBO series "Utmark" that resulted in the single "Horágallis", and an invitation from the Canadian-Norwegian diplomatic project "Nordic Bridges", which will result in a tour in Canada in the near future.

In the fall of 2022, Gabba embarked on a mini-tour that covered all corners of the country as well as Helsinki and Rome. Going forward the band will play concerts throughout the summer and embark upon their second album. 

IIn 2023, Gabba was awarded the Norwegian Grammy, in the category of "traditional music," cementing their status as one of the leading Sami bands in the country.

"The arrangements are strong, with interweaving of small melodies and riffs. A rich variety of instruments and sound effects appear throughout the album. From small, intimate sounds to creative use of synth that doesn't detract from the dry, acoustic expression." - Torkjell Hovland (

"The sound on this release is above average, with crystal-clear reproduction and good dynamics. The only parts that are intentionally dirty are created that way by the musicians. I am already looking forward to Gabba's next release." - Karl Erik Sylthe

"Their music encompasses the expected Sámi moods of beauty, bleakness, and longing. Eira's vocals, reminiscent of Native American chants, are captivating in their deceptive simplicity, and the a cappella numbers are wonderfully stirring." - Chris Wheatley (Songlines Magazine)

"We have embraced the whole country here in the music. I felt moved to somewhere out in nature." - Trond Viggo Torgersen

"I am very, very much looking forward to hearing Gabba. There are few Sámi artists who master traditional joik at the level that John André does." - Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen

"It is a delight for the ear. The tears come right away. That was very, very good!" - Knut Folkestad



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Ola Brandsnes Vårtun :, +47 47837622



Espen Bakke :, +47 95439678

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